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August 15, 2011

So, how was it!?

It’s the question I’ve heard over the last couple of days and it’s the one question I don’t really have an answer to.

How do I explain the things I saw and the things we experienced in even one conversation? Between the culture, the people, the beauty, the poverty, the teaching, the learning, the loving….the only way I can sum it up is how I speak best–through photos.

No worries, I’ll be posting plenty of stories over the next couple of days, but I will also be posting tons of photos. The details are in my photos, because no matter how hard I try, I’m pretty sure my words will not do any justice.

So, I have a sneak peek for you today! Keep in mind, I’m still processing it all and figuring out the best way to present my trip with you all. Below, I’ve posted random pictures from traveling, visiting, etc. Some photos are from the beginning, some from the end, but it’s just a sneak peek!

Please keep checking back this week!!

This boy was a trip. He posed for a photo then popped his little hand out for money. Had we been standing still I would have, I mean, he was a great model–so adorable!

We saw these little spider monkeys everywhere, I’d trade squirrels for these any day!

Checkers anyone?

Did I mention coffee was always fresh roasted?

I may miss Ethiopia, but I certainly don’t miss this mud!


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