So there it is.

I’ve shown you my favorite photos. I’ve shared stories…but I still haven’t told you about half my trip. Unfortunately, I can’t do that in a blog. An experience like we had can’t be confined to a few words on a blog post or blog posts. It’s way too great for that and God’s way too big for that. If you want to know anything more, see any more photos, etc…shoot me an email, leave comments with questions, dial me up. Whatever you want. I love sharing more, I’m just still processing it all.

No worries though…I’ll soon be putting up an entire gallery devoted to our trip. And I’m sure I’ll be telling stories about Ethiopia for the rest of my life.  So just keep visiting, God reveals things in pretty cool ways.

Here is the video series and please keep coming back for the new Ethiopia gallery!

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Video 1: The Beauty of the Earth

Video 2: Walking Our Way

Video 3:  Good Eats + The Culture

Video 4: Our Brothers + Sisters

Post #5: fashionABLE in Ethiopia