Today, we have been married one month. I know one month isn’t long in the span of things, but I seriously can’t believe our wedding day is a month behind us! Some wedding photos are beginning to trickle in (ahh, CAN’T WAIT to¬†receive/see them all!!)

But, in the meantime, I have a few special things to share before the wedding photo craziness begins. I’ll have some detail shots I took of my own jewelry/shoes for our wedding to share this week, but what I’m even more excited to share is the photo series I’m hinting at below. Jeremy gave me the most incredible wedding gift and Chris + Adrienne Scott are the for being partners in crime to make it happen! (They also took our amazing engagement photos they blogged about here: Our Engagement Photos)

Stay tuned for more, later this week!

(hint-hint–it was cold outside when these photos were taken and it was life-changing!)

Winter Proposal in Bicentennial Mall

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