It’s Wednesday–we’re halfway through!

Well, last Wednesday, I brought along the cuteness of our little nephew, but no worries–the cuteness continues!

Amy Lynn + Mark are good friends of ours, and they welcomed little man Noble into the world in November. They are such troopers, as Amy Lynn had quite a delivery story. You can see the incredible story told through Jen + Chris Creed, Photographers here.

As a wedding photographer, the natural progression for couples is to eventually welcome children into this world. I approach family and baby sessions the same way as I do weddings, capturing those genuine moments in their graceful simplicity. I don’t do much posing, but rather, I capture those real moments as if I weren’t even there. And, I just love the outcome.

Working with Amy Lynn (who was my makeup artist for my wedding!) and Mark was so joyful. It’s so incredible to capture those true moments between new parents and their soft, angelic children.

Thank you Amy Lynn + Mark for allowing me into your home and allowing me to capture some of these memories. Congratulations!

Oh my, look at his chubby cheeks and pouty grin!

This is Mark when he was a baby, the similarities are incredible!