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February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!


To be quite honest, Valentine’s day has been a fun one for me at times, but I’m not the biggest fan. And true story, Jeremy and I started dating on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know, that’s quite cheesy, but it’s true. I even used to say we started dating “the second week in February” just so I didn’t have to say we started dating on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is fun. It really is. As a kid, it was always fun picking your special cards and giving them to friends. But, truly, until I met Jeremy, I never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and it was a in-your-face reminder that I was single. So, I understand both sides of the fence. And well, Hallmark and stores don’t help the cause when Valentine’s candy starts showing up on shelves before Christmas day. (True story, I found Valentine’s Day cards and candy on the shelves at Wal-Mart the weekend before Christmas.)

So, with all that to say, I figured I’d share a funny little story from Valentine’s Day past.

It was my sophomore year of high school in Algebra class. It was mixed-grade class with half sophomores and half upperclassmen. I had a HUGE crush on this boy in my class. It was rather embarrassing. He was the apple of many girls’ eyes, yet I followed suit and jumped on the bandwagon. (Looking back at my crushes is always hilarious for me, because I just can’t quite justify many of them…anybody with me?)

Well, the week before Valentine’s Day, you could buy Valentine’s Day candy-grams in which you could send an anonymous valentine to anyone in the school and the proceeds went to certain clubs/organizations in the school. (Did anyone else have these at school, or was it just my school trying to copy Mean Girls and their santa-grams?) Anyways, I ordered one for this lucky lad and counted down the day I would see it delivered in our Algebra class.

Valentine’s Day came and a knock came on the door. Class was interrupted and these candy grams were delivered. His eyes lit up as it was delivered and I loved that it was anonymous. It was my little secret and even if nothing ever happened, I knew I had “the guts” to send something and express my “true love” for me. Oh, the hilarity.

Well, this little candy gram came to bite me in the back. I overheard him speaking to the guy next to him in class, and he mentioned that he knew who had sent it to him….he thought it was his crush who had sent it to him. The girl I least hoped he would think it was. Long story short, by the end of the week, those two were dating and dated for YEARS in high school. Call me a hopeless romantic. Call me a matchmaker. Call it a copout. Whatever you call it, it’s quite a funny story I’ll always remember. It “broke my heart” at the time, but it’s quite the laughing matter now.

So there ya have ladies and gents, a funny little story about this Hallmark holiday that some people love and some people loathe. Do any of you have embarrassing Valentine’s Day stories? I’d love to hear them!

In the meantime, enjoy the day. Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, just enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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