Creating Heirlooms Pt. 2: Heirloom Albums

October 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

You’ve heard me talk about creating heirlooms for couples, and you’ve seen the heirloom box that is an option for my couples. So, I wanted to show you another special product I offer, the Heirloom Album. It’s a beautiful way to tell and display your story. Your story unfolds from page to page and these albums are just gorgeous. It’s something you’ll have for generations to come and it’s something your family + children will love to share. I always loved sitting down and going through my mom’s wedding album, and with these lovely updated albums, it’s an incredible way to savor your wedding day.

These albums are hand-crafted + are available in leather imported from Italy or beautiful linen (in a range of beautiful colors!). The photographs are printed on Fuji archival photo paper with binding that lays flat, creating beautiful panoramic spreads. I offer a pre-design for all my couples so they can get a glimpse at what their wedding day feels like as a tangible story.

I am just in love with these albums. I searched high and low for the perfect albums for my couples and  these beauties took the cake. The pages are beautifully thick, the leathers are amazingly soft and these albums are true heirlooms in every way imaginable. Feel free to contact me to see an album for yourself!

*This album below has a soft, nabuk leather cover that offers a soft suede feel and look. There are other non-suede leather options available as well as linen covers.




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