The Day of Love: Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


I used to be anti-valentine’s day, and I still am somewhat, but I can’t dislike it but so much. It’s a day you can eat endless chocolate without having to defend yourself. And it’s a day where you can make your hubby/significant other watch a girly movie without getting too much flack for it. Or you can watch one by yourself or with your girlfriends and revel in each moment of the sappiness.

With that said, Jeremy and I have never really done a typical Valentine’s day celebration. We’ve done group dates, pottery painting, dinner at home, the list goes on. We just aren’t big on crowds or long lines for food, so we avoid it all together, splurge on good steaks and make endless fondue!

Speaking of a day to celebrate love, Sara at Burnett’s Boards has been celebrating love all week and has chosen a session of mine to feature today on Valentine’s Day! She’s featuring Emily + Lyle’s love session I did this past fall and I’m so thankful! Emily + Lyle’s session was such a fun + unique session, as they celebrated their time here in Nashville before they packed up for Austin. And, the shoot involves their awesome dog wearing a bow tie!

Make sure to check out their feature here!



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