It’s a fresh Monday with a fresh, new start. Enjoy a few more images from my time at the Belle Lumiere Workshop. Can’t wait to share even more beauty on Wednesday– stay tuned for more on Wednesday!Nashville_film_photographer__0091 Nashville_film_photographer__0093 Nashville_film_photographer__0088 Nashville_film_photographer__0092 Nashville_film_photographer__0089 Nashville_film_photographer__0090 Nashville_film_photographer__0094

Canon 1N, 50mm 1.4, Contax 645, Pentax 645N, Portra 400

Workshop – Belle Lumière // Cameras – Contax Rental  // Location – Bloomsbury Farm // Film Processing/Developing – Film Box // Styling – Ginny Au // Rentals – 12th Table  // Teachers – Elisa + Edward Bricker, Austin GrosRyan Bernal