Welcome to the world: How do I prepare for my newborn session?

September 6, 2017

tips for your newborn session

1. When do we schedule our session?
I always recommend reaching out by the beginning of your third trimester to confirm availability. Sessions then take place within 10-14 days (14 days at the latest) of delivery. After booking, since your sweet baby gets to pick when he/she comes, I will be “on call” for the couple weeks surrounding their due date. Some parents notify me when they head to the hospital, some notify me once the baby is born, etc. It’s really up to you! Either way gives me an idea of the 10-14 day window we should schedule your session and we coordinate from there.

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2. What do we wear?

– The most important piece of advice is for you to pick something you feel comfortable and beautiful in! You will still be recovering for that first session, so it’s important you find something that you can feel your best in!

– From there, you can coordinate what your husband wears. Most fathers end up wearing some sort of pant & oxford-type shirt combo. Not too dressy, yet not lounge wear. You can see some outfit inspiration here.

– Neutral colors are usually best. Anything with bold patterns or bright colors takes away from the beauty of that sweet baby in your arms!

– Lastly, mamas, I highly encourage bringing in a hair & makeup artist so you can feel pampered and have one last thing to think about! You can hug, hold and feed your sweet baby while receiving some love yourself.

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3. What should my baby wear?

– Diaper covers are perfect ways to document their little bodies without having the swaddle diapers be the focus. Some people opt for soft colors, and some simply opt for white like these.

– Swaddling blankets with neutral patterns and soft colors are perfect additions. They are always great to have to wrap them in while holding them during the session.Whimsies, Green Bean Baby Boutique and O’Suzannah in Charlottesville are great local options and here are a few favorites available online:

4. I’m scared my home will be a mess!
Please don’t feel pressured to have your house perfect or anything perfect! I want you to enjoy this session and enjoy doting on your beautiful child.  I typically photograph in your bedroom, the nursery and/or living spaces that have the best light. Once I arrive, I can scout for the best light. I would simply make sure your bed is made and nightstands are clear of clutter for that day. And of course, if you do have a nursery prepared, I’ll photograph in that room as well!  If we decide to photograph in other rooms for the light, we can tidy up if needed.

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5. When should I feed my baby?
Your baby may not have a sense of schedule when we set up your session, but it’s best if they are finished feeding soon before I arrive (and we can plan your session time around this!). Sometimes that means they end up sleeping for most of the session, but sometimes that simply means they are content! You can time them feeding so they are awake for some of the session, but the goal is to try to photograph them when they would be least fussy. I really do love photographing them awake, but it’s better if they are asleep and soothed rather than awake and fussy.

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Overall, I know it can be a lot to think of and prepare for a session during one of the biggest changes in your life. (I’ll be right there with you in January!). My goal is to help you feel at ease, feel your best and document this sweet time so that you can always look back on these first few days. You baby will truly grow quickly, so don’t let your fears about a session stop you from documenting this season – I’m here for you!

Have a question I didn’t touch on? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Also feel free to say hello if you’re expecting! I’d love to document this sweet time for you. I offer a range of individual sessions and milestones collections to document your child’s first year.

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