Honoring your life, love & family.

I’ve been telling stories of life & love for 10 years and for me, it all started with family. I grew up in a small-town on 15 acres with my grandparents as my neighbors. These people raised me, and loved me fiercely….and they still do today. And I plan to continue that idea of family – people you can count on. People who truly know you are, where you came from, and who will cheer you on in where you’re going.

This drives me and it drives how I tell a story, because I see beyond the pretty. I want to make photographs that make you feel….photographs that tell of a life well lived with those you love. Whether it’s your wedding day, your firstborn child or a season in-between, these are stories worth being told. For you, for your love, and for your family.

Let’s tell your story in a way that reflects the vibrancy of your life, the joy of your life, and the truth of your life. Because when you sit down together, 50 years from now, these stories are the ones you dream of telling.

Hello, I’m Amy.

I’m thankful to call Charlottesville, VA home with my handsome husband, Jeremy. After having an adventure together in Nashville, TN for a few years, we felt the mountains of Virginia calling us back home. Simplicity and family drive me, and I don’t think there’s any better place in the world than around a table with great food (including great wine or coffee!) and those you love. I was raised in small-town Virginia, but I’ve always had a love for the city life. I’m known for my spunk, wild curls and my endless obsession with all things nostalgic and iconic. So, it comes as no surprise that film has found its way into my work. I combine the use of film & digital to create those simply timeless photographs that you can enjoy now and 50 years from now.