The Cherrys Travel: Seacrest Beach + 30A

September 22, 2015

30A is absolutely in my top 5 favorite places. Sure, there may be more exotic and adventurous places out there, but this place is a place of true rest, escape and peace for Jeremy and I. We’ve been so thankful to have gone for the past three years and it seems to just get better and better. There’s something so wonderful about visiting a place so familiar.

This year, we stayed in Seacrest Beach instead of Rosemary Beach, but it’s really just the next beach over and we stayed in the cutest little apartment with the most amazing bed ever. The secret? A THICK memory foam topper. Who knew!?

The day we arrived, it was a bit cloudy, but we headed straight to the pool and soaked up some time to actually get started on books that have been on our list. We also had the chance to grab dinner with some good friends at the Great Southern Cafe in Seaside.  (Have you heard of Teak & Twine? Our sweet friend has started a beautiful welcome box company and her curations are beautiful!!)

Saturday was a bit cloudy too, but Sunday was the most glourious beach day we had ever experienced. The water was stunningly teal and calmer than I thought possible. The ocean honestly looked like a large pool or lake. It was truly magical.

One of my favorite parts? I only brought film and sparingly photographed one day, and well, it was freeing.


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