The Cherry Trek: Our Adventure Begins

March 30, 2016

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Today we embark on the trip that we’ve dreamt of before we were married.

I still remember clicking that first button for our flight to Athens and remember thinking: “It’s so far off, we have plenty of time to prepare.”

Well, there’s certainly truth to that, but how do you truly prepare for a trip like this? If we were still in Nashville and simply going away for a few weeks, that would be one thing.

But the reality is, just about a week ago, we packed up all of our belongings onto a big yellow truck and drove about 600 miles. We visited with Jeremy’s family and then headed to my parents’ home. We put our stuff in a storage unit the next day and then Jeremy had quite the full week with some really exciting developments (can’t wait to share soon!). I also headed to DC for an engagement session with the sweetest couple who will marry this September, and we’ve also been trying to pack 5 weeks of stuff into one backpack each for the journey ahead.

We’ve hardly had time to process all of the emotions with saying goodbye to Nashville, and it’s still quite surreal that we’re boarding a plane to Athens, the first stop of many.

But here it is.

The day is here and the adventure begins.

We would love to have you follow along! I’ll be posting updates to Instagram (@amynicolephoto & @simplelifeprint) and Jeremy will as well, but to follow it all, you can check it all out through our fun hashtag – #thecherrytrek

We aren’t sure what the next five weeks hold besides where we’re going, how we’re getting there and where we’re staying. But that’s the beginning of the best adventures.

See you soon!


And in case you missed the announcement, you can read more about where we are traveling here!


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